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Now we have a possibility To produce: springs from wire with square section and rectangular cross-section; conical and barrel springs.

Please before order springs you must point out the necessary quantity in the order otherwise it wont be accepted.

From 01.05.2006-2015 metal prices are going to increase largely up to 50%, thereby we offer special terms of payment: for order higher 50000 rub. inclusive of VAT we have the following terms down payment 50% - other 50 % upon readiness for shipment


Developing of main production is planning in 2006-2015:
-Construction of auxiliary shop area for main production.
-Getting of new high-performance winding equipment.


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Production of springs from wire 0.1 mm up to 70 mm dia. disk springs up to 24 mm thickness., paraboloidal (flat)springs with sheet thickness up to 10 mm.

A suspension may consist of one or several chains (a set of series-connected parts and assembly units transmitting the weight of pipeline to the structural unit) as well as can be combined, i.e. consist of one or two chains turning into two and four chains. The construction of parts being used forms a suspension chain by means of mechanical assembly without the use of welding.

The suspension type is characterised by a design of assembly for suspension fastening to the pipeline and a design of suspension chain. By design of the assembly for fastening to the pipeline, suspensions can be divided into seven types:

Clamp suspensions for horizontal pipelines.

Clamp suspensions with a traverse.

Clamp suspensions on a support beam.

Clamp spring suspensions on a support beam.

Welded suspensions on a support beam with eye rings.

Welded spring suspensions on a support beam.

Clamp blocks for vertical pipelines.

The general design of assembly, range of application, possible versions of tie-rod connection, main dimensions, allowable loads on suspension tie-rods are specified in OST 24.125.101-01.

A broad spectrum of tie-rods, use of connecting couplings and turnbuckles allow to design chains of the required length and complexity out of standard parts.

In accordance with Series 5.903-13, Release 6-95, suspensions are divided into spring and rigid ones, are designed for vertical and horizontal pipelines of heat supply networks. Suspensions cover the whole range of pipe diameters of heat supply network pipelines within the limits of nominal bores from 25 mm to 1400 mm. Rigid suspensions for horizontal pipelines are designed with one or two tie-rods depending upon the load and installation conditions. Spring suspensions are provided for the pipelines having a vertical displacement along with an axial displacement.

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