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Now we have a possibility To produce: springs from wire with square section and rectangular cross-section; conical and barrel springs.

Please before order springs you must point out the necessary quantity in the order otherwise it wont be accepted.

From 01.05.2006-2015 metal prices are going to increase largely up to 50%, thereby we offer special terms of payment: for order higher 50000 rub. inclusive of VAT we have the following terms down payment 50% - other 50 % upon readiness for shipment


Developing of main production is planning in 2006-2015:
-Construction of auxiliary shop area for main production.
-Getting of new high-performance winding equipment.


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Springs according to (industrial standard) OST 108

Production of springs from wire 0.1 mm up to 70 mm dia. disk springs up to 24 mm thickness., paraboloidal (flat)springs with sheet thickness up to 10 mm.

Springs for piping hangers01OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers02OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers03OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers04OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers05108.764 01-80
Springs for piping hangers06OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers07OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers08OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers09OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers10108 764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers11OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers12OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers13OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers14OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers15OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers16108.764.01-81
Springs for piping hangers17OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers18OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers19OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers20OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers21OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers22OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers23OCT108.764.01-80
Springs for piping hangers24OCT108.764.01-80

Contacts for making orders:

phone: +7(351)200-36-34
IQ consultants:

e-mail: chpnz@yandex.ru

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Manufacturing AVTO SPRINGS - MOSKVICH, VOLGA, VAZ - at the most acceptable price!!!


phone: +7(351)200-36-34


IQ consultants


e-mail: chpnz@yandex.ru

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Chelyabinsk city,
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